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We specialise in using personal safety to engage, teach life skills and develop strategies to cope with challenging situations using our four principles

  • Awareness - People, Object, Place

  • Avoidance - Have fun, know your limit and stay away from confrontation

  • Dialogue - Speak in a calm voice, use non-aggressive body language

  • Action - Use self defence as a last resort if all else fails

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Resolve It for Education


RESOLVE IT offers bespoke packages from ages 8 to 18 and higher education covering topics specific to your needs

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Resolve It for Business


Employers have an interest to ensure that their staff are safe, not only when they are in work, but also when they are out of work.

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Resolve It for Groups


We can provide training for community groups, clubs, voluntary organisations or groups of friends interested in self defence.

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People delivered


  • St Illtyds Head Teacher

    "The children have all come back to school saying what a fantastic day they’ve all had. Thank you very much. "

    St Illtyds Head Teacher - .

  • Ceri Jayne

    " Thank you again for a very well organised, engaging experience. The pupils have been attentive and interested throughout. Great safety messages taught today that will aid..."

    Ceri Jayne - Bryngwyn Primary.

  • Learner A

    " The way the Resolve it team delivered the session was great and they had an amazing way of getting the people to understand and take in all the information that is provi..."

    Learner A - Cardiff and Vale College.

  • Andrew

    " The best part of the session was when they showed us how easy it was to get away from someone if you were attacked. I wouldn’t change anything about the session because I..."

    Andrew - Cardiff and Vale College.

  • Stacey Morgan

    "Lots of good basics about personal safety shared. Pupils would benefit from greater opportunities to explore this issue."

    Stacey Morgan - Ffaldau Primary School .

  • Teacher

    "Important message about being and staying safe in all situations. Giving youngsters extra knowledge to cope with danger. "

    Teacher - Corneli Primary School.


    "Great + very important information for keeping children safe. Lovely calm approach, Thank you! "

    CHRISTINE JONES - Coychurch Llangrallo Primary School.

  • Teacher

    "Children were very interested in this topic. They enjoyed being involved with tasks, being interactive. Listened very well."

    Teacher - NEWTON PRIMARY School.

  • Holly

    "My favourite part of the physical side was definitely the 'pinky pull' as I called it, because it was a simple way of getting someone off you without being too violent."

    Holly - Howells School, Llandaff.

  • Natalie Godfrey

    "It has been engaging, relevant and has, without a doubt, had an incredibly positive effect upon the self-esteem and literacy skills of every young person. It should be compulsory..."

    Natalie Godfrey - EOTAS, Bridgend.

  • Sally Davies

    "Young people face many social challenges from cyber bullying to peer pressure so it's essential that they are equipped with the knowledge to identify risks and techniques..."

    Sally Davies - Principal at Howell’s school.

  • Charlotte

    "I learnt how to get out of tricky situations especially during the first session with the role plays. Rather than telling us what not to do, we came up with our own solutions..."

    Charlotte - .

  • Allyn Jones

    " The skills and knowledge that participants learnt are simple and effective skills that can and will help individuals protect themselves should they need to. All in all Resolve..."

    Allyn Jones - Youth and Community Worker at Valleys Kids Penygraig..

  • Lowri Williams

    "This session was a fantastic way for us to ensure that our staff are cautious when it comes to their surroundings. As the nights are drawing and the Christmas party season..."

    Lowri Williams - Mazuma Money.

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