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12-year-old girl reportedly approached by man offering her £10 to get into his car

By George O'Dowd  Jun 27th, 2018 

Children need to know how to protect themselves in dangerous situations. 

Monday 25th June a 12-year-old girl was reportedly approached by a man, offering her £10 to get into his car in broad daylight.

The alleged incident happened around 8:10pm on Long View Road in Clase, Swansea, as the girl was walking towards the shops, not far from Clase Primary School.

The Police say:

"The driver of the car is described as being white, aged 35 to 40, with dark brown hair and a local accent. The vehicle is described as being a small, dark grey car."

To help protect your children when you’re not around give them knowledge and opportunity to learn about their  personal safety and self defence moves to help them keep themselves safe and get out of dangerous situations should they arise . 


We have developed a host of simple and proven initiatives which will help to significantly empower children and young people; thus making them safer and building their confidence whilst teaching how to break away from a physical grab whatever direction it comes from.

8 steps are taught over a number of weeks with instructions and encouragement to practice for just a few minutes each day – together with a safety booklet and interactive game helping to instil the techniques and personal safety awareness.

Simple , accessible, and highly effective.

Find out more about our CHILDREN'S DEFENDER programme and other courses by emailing us at:  enquiries@resolveitcic.co.uk



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