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12-year old girl sexually assaulted by 6 men on bus

By Team RESOLVEit  Apr 4th, 2019 

Public transport gives us the freedom to travel where we need to go without having to drive. It's a service we should all feel safe using.

However last Saturday afternoon a 12 year old girl in Birmingham travelling on the number 33 double decker bus with her friends into town was sexually assaulted by a group of around 6 men in their early 20s.

(Picture: BPM)

The girl's mum states ' the top of the bus was empty but they went up and approached my daughter and her mates . My daughter's friends were assaulted and they ran downstairs and off the bus. My daughter was left upstairs with them.'

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Everyone has the right to feel safe , wherever they may be.  Below are some safety tips to keep safe whilst out travelling and using public transport;

  • Plan your journey - know where you're going , which stop to take and departure times especially the last one home.
  • Before you board, have your fare ready. Don't be fumbling with your purse or at the last moment. Carry some emergency funds (hidden) in case something goes wrong
  • If you're on a bus and it's empty - or at night - sit on the lower deck and close to the driver. 
  • It's a good idea to know a phone number of someone you can get hold of in case of an emergency. 

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Stay safe


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