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19 year old sexual and sadistic attack on 14 year old boy

By Team RESOLVEit  Apr 2nd, 2019 

Online safety is a huge topic and internet gaming is increasing popularity across age groups.

In 2014 Breck Bednar was playing a game and chatting online to 19 year old Lewis Daynes who was helping him improve his gameplay and knowledge of the game.

Through chatting online with a shared interest they became friends.

One night the Breck told his parents he was staying with a friend, in actual fact he was going to see Lewis Daynes. Daynes murdered him in a 'sexual and sadistic attack'.

Over the course of 13 months Daynes had groomed Breck and promised him 'great wealth'. A film has been released with support from the family to highlight and raise awareness of the dangers.

(Picture by: Tim Stewart)

The story shows how easily online grooming can happen. Breck’s mum states that originally she 'believed the offender was older than he was...it's important for young people to realise not only can predators lie about their age, where they live or who they are online, they can also be a similar age to the victim.'

This story isn't the 'typical' type of grooming usually heard in the news, boys can be groomed too -' it shows even regular school boys can make mistakes if they aren't educated to recognise the signs of grooming and exploitation'.

We at RESOLVEit believe everyone has the right to feel safe in both reality and online.

Here are some safety tips to help keep yourself or someone you know safe whilst gaming online or using online platforms

1. Play games suitable for your age group. 

2. Play online with those you know. If someone you don't know starts a conversation with you , do not reply and inform a parent/ guardian/ trusted adult of the situation immediately.
3. Don’t give out personal information in online chats even if you feel like the person is ‘genuine’/ promising you something. Tell someone straight away even if that person tells you not to tell anyone.

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Stay safe


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