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Nov 22nd 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

WEEK 1 - Cardiff Crucial Crew PSE event... Read more

Crucial Crew, News, Self-Defence


12 year old boy was approached by an unknown man

Nov 11th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

Last week police were investigating an incident whereby a 12 year old walking to school in Cardiff was approached in a threatening manner... Read more



Oct 25th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit



11 year old girl victim of Bullying/Cyber Bullying

Oct 17th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

The distressing video shows a 11 year old girl suffering from a panic attack due to the effects of bullying... Read more


The Digital Competence Framework

Oct 10th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

The Digital Competence Framework focuses on developing digital skills alongside literacy and numeracy. .. Read more


Keyless Car Safety

Oct 7th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

New technologies add more convenience into our lives, one of these being keyless car systems also known as Smart Keys or Passive Keyless Entry (PKE). Most.. Read more

News, Safety Tips

Baden Powell Primary School Week 1

Oct 4th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

This week we started delivering our free Children’s Defender course to  pupils in year 5 and 6 at Baden Powell Primary School... Read more

Children's Defender, News, Self-Defence

Sexting and what is it?

Oct 2nd 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

Social medias and picture messaging make keeping in contact with others even easier. But what if you're asked to send a sexual photo?.. Read more

News, Safety Tips

4 WINDS - Women's Defender

Sep 26th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

4WINDS is a user led open access mental health resource centre helping people work towards recovery.
Deb delivered weekly personal safety and self.. Read more

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Personal Safety and Self Defence at DICE (ACL)

Sep 26th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

The attendees at Adult Community Learning - DICE enjoyed the Personal Safety and non aggressive Self-Defence sessions that we've been delivering throughout.. Read more

Announcements, Self-Defence

Keeping your Home Safe

Sep 20th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

Your home is your castle. It's the one place where you should feel secure. Around of all burglaries happen on the spare of the moment through unlocked.. Read more

News, Safety Tips

Crucial Crew about to Begin!

Sep 19th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

As the new academic year of Crucial Crew events are about to begin, we see the opening event bringing close 1444 pupils from Newport schools dropping in.. Read more

Announcements, Crucial Crew, Self-Defence

What happens if your drink is spiked?

Sep 13th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

A night out with friends or colleagues should be an enjoyable experience and is something that is looked forward to.  But what happens if your drink.. Read more


Dark nights slowly creeping in on us

Sep 13th 2018, By Team RESOLVEit

In the last fortnight, we have seen a start of a new academic term and the dark nights slowly creeping in on us and not really placing safety around travelling.. Read more



Sep 3rd 2018, By Deb Wilkshire

The internet plays a huge part in our modern day lives , but with this there comes a massive threat within our online presence; particularly that of children.. Read more


Sharing pictures of your Children Online

Sep 3rd 2018, By Deb Wilkshire

This Summer the weather has been exceptionally good ,providing lots of opportunities for trips out with family and of course in return many photo memories.. Read more


Last Bank Holiday Of The Summer

Aug 23rd 2018, By Deb Wilkshire

The last bank holiday of the Summer is almost here and there are plenty of festivals, carnivals and other events happening across the country .  .. Read more


FREE training in how to deliver our SUPERHERO ACADEMY

Aug 19th 2018, By Eira Culverwell

Are you a teacher looking for PSHE and PE topics for the next academic year?.. Read more

Announcements, Superhero Academy


Aug 5th 2018, By Eira Culverwell

These girls at Howell's completed our Superhero Academy today, receiving the certificate of achievement and a tasty chocolate bar after their hard wor.. Read more

Announcements, Safety Tips, Superhero Academy


Jul 22nd 2018, By George O'Dowd

As we've all probably seen the movie Home Alone where the boy gets left at home by mistake at Christmas... Read more