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Children's concerns about Terrorism

Jul 5th 2017, By Eira Culverwell

It's hard to explain to our kids something we can hardly grasp ourselves. .. Read more

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The most resumption of normality is, in itself, a predictable and a necessary act of defiance

Jun 5th 2017, By Eira Culverwell

As the UK enters into another week, how many of us headed into work with slight apprehension of another attack, be it in the UK or in the cites or town.. Read more



May 11th 2017, By Eira Culverwell

For all Primary school teachers and parents in the Cardiff area PLEASE inform your heads we are offering a FREE personal safety assembly⚠️.. Read more


Keeping students safe!

Jun 28th 2016, By Eira Culverwell

The ‘BIG’ night out workshop is aimed to educate students on personal safety during a night out,  the effects of alcohol, drugs and the potential.. Read more



Jan 6th 2016, By RESOLVE it



Man tries to grab 12-year-old boy on his way to bus stop

Jan 4th 2016, By RESOLVE it

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man allegedly attempted to grab a 12-year-old boy as he was walking to a bus stop to go to school... Read more


RESOLVE it to empower Cardiff females with self-defence workshop

Jan 2nd 2016, By Eira Culverwell

RESOLVE it, a community interest company that provides training and workshops in how to stay safe, has launched the first of its female empowerment workshops.. Read more

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Police investigate reports of sex assault in the Ely area of Cardiff

Dec 28th 2015, By RESOLVE it

Police are investigating allegations of a sexual assault in Ely , Cardiff ... Read more


Safeguard children on social media

Nov 30th 2015, By RESOLVEV it

Police said Aled John Clement from Bridgend combed the social network site for victims he went on to assault in his car and home... Read more


'Alarming' rise in teacher assaults across Cardiff schools including three attacks

Nov 19th 2015, By Eira Culverwell

Recent post by a professional trainer: "Shocking that schools are still using "basket holds" and are relying on the training provider to.. Read more

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Female Empowerment

Nov 12th 2015, By Eira Culverwell

As the dark nights are drawing in we all need to be more careful especially women after the recent attacks.Its a sad fact but the stats speak for themselves.The.. Read more


Our safety tips reached thousands

Jan 11th 2015, By Eira Culverwell

 A guide on how to stay safe when you're out alone.. Read more

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