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Oct 8th 2017, By Eira Culverwell

Helping you make online dating an enjoyable, safe and fun experience.. Read more

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RESOLVEit at Vale College Freshers Fayre

Sep 12th 2017, By George O'Dowd

Yesterday Lauren and Deb attended the Cardiff and Vale College for their freshers fayre... Read more


Children's concerns about Terrorism

Jul 5th 2017, By Eira Culverwell

It's hard to explain to our kids something we can hardly grasp ourselves. .. Read more

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Kids Self Defence filming day!

Jun 8th 2016, By Eira Culverwell

If you haven't already checked out our SUPERHERO ACADEMY, here's a bit about it. .. Read more

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RESOLVE it to empower Cardiff females with self-defence workshop

Jan 2nd 2016, By Eira Culverwell

RESOLVE it, a community interest company that provides training and workshops in how to stay safe, has launched the first of its female empowerment workshops.. Read more

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