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Children's concerns about Terrorism

Jul 5th 2017, By Eira Culverwell

It's hard to explain to our kids something we can hardly grasp ourselves. .. Read more

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Jan 10th 2017, By Eira Culverwell

Every Monday from 4-5pm RESOLVEit will be running a Children's Defender programme at just £5 per week.. Read more

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Kids Self Defence filming day!

Jun 8th 2016, By Eira Culverwell

If you haven't already checked out our SUPERHERO ACADEMY, here's a bit about it. .. Read more

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RESOLVEit partner with MANTIS

Feb 8th 2016, By Eira Culverwell

Mantis is proud and extremely pleased to join forces and partner with RESOLVEit. Together we will continue to improve the lives of children by “introducing.. Read more

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Nov 16th 2015, By RESOLVE it

Community Interest Company RESOLVE it is taught young people the value of kindness during its first Crucial Crew events.
 Working with.. Read more


Crucial Crew lands!

Nov 11th 2015, By Eira Culverwell

Community interest company RESOLVEit, which was founded by mother of four Diane Briere de l’Isle, has taken over Crucial Crew, whose safety events.. Read more

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