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By Eira Culverwell  Jun 28th, 2018 

Section 89 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 states that maintained schools must have measures to encourage good behaviour and prevent all forms of bullying amongst pupils. Some schools choose to include this information in an anti-bullying policy, whilst others include it in their behaviour policy.

There are a wealth of statistics in relation to bullying both in the UK and overseas and you will regularly see bullying reported in the media. Research from the Department for Education found that:

40% of young people were bullied in the last 12 months

6% of all young people had experienced bullying daily. 9% between once a week and once a month.

Most common form of bullying was name calling (including via text and email) at 26%, followed by exclusion from social groups at 18%

21% of children who had experienced bullying daily had truanted in the last 12 months  - 3 times the proportion of those who were not bullied.  Young people who had experienced bullying daily also most likely to truant for the longest period of time. Girls almost twice a likely to truant because of bullying than boys.

24% of children bullied most days also most likely to be kept off school by their parents.

15% of children who had experienced bullying daily had been excluded from school in the last 12 months (compared to 5% of children not bullied)

1 in 4 young people with SEN (special educational needs) experienced violence (actual or threatened)

Actual violence was more likely to always take place at school compared to other forms of bullying

Whilst it remains as an epidemic across the nation we implore everyone to band together to help eradicate bullying!

If your child or school have bullying issues, we have provided some external links that offer support and advice.

For our services check out our Superhero academy, Childrens defender and Life skill courses.

Don’t forget if you’re in Cardiff, The Vale and Mid Glamorgan we will train your staff up to deliver our Children’s Defender workshop and Superhero academy at Primary level and offer free personal safety workshops for secondary schools

If you have any questions email us on:  enquiries@resolveitcic.co.uk





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