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By Eira Culverwell  Feb 21st, 2018 

Finally, we are able to announce that we will be launching our FEMALE EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP as an online instructional workshop this spring...

What are you going to get from this workshop?

• 9 lessons broken into bite size sections, giving you over 90mins of content
• Personal safety knowledge as well and practical self defence techniques based around our four main principles: AWARENESS AVOIDANCE DIALOGUE & ACTION

You will learn:

▪️To understand what is under your control
▪️How to potentially decrease your exposure to attack/Critical Risk Assessment
Techniques such as...
▪️Flinch reaction
▪️Primary Strikes
▪️Gouges and other empty hand techniques
▪️Defences against wrist grabs, collar and chokes
▪️Protection when you're knocked down and the attacker is standing over you
▪️How to deal with being pinned to the ground by a much larger person

Self defence always begins with awareness and avoidance and should always be the last resort. In any situation, there are no guarantees, but learning the basics of personal safety and self defence are always worthwhile!

For more information contact us at enquiries@resolveitcic.co.uk

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