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Female Empowerment

By Eira Culverwell  Nov 12th, 2015 

As the dark nights are drawing in we all need to be more careful especially women after the recent attacks.Its a sad fact but the stats speak for themselves.The number of rapes recorded by the police in England and Wales has risen by 31% in the past year to 24,043 – the highest level for at least 10 years, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Contact us if you wish a discreet and confidential talk on what we can offer and in particular one on one training and women’s only workshops. 

Check out our Female Empowerment course here and a video of the workshop overview Female Empowerment.pdf

In the meantime, check out our safety tips:
Stay to well lit routes and consider the time of your journey and the area you are in.
Remain Vigilant
Try to avoid any threat and look out for suspicious behaviour.
Look at there hands(weapons)
Look at there eyes (any sign of intent)
Are they getting closer?
If you cant get away and your attacked Disorientate and disengage get away run to safety and call the police

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