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By Team RESOLVEit  Feb 18th, 2019 

DOMESTIC abuse affects an estimated 1.9million adults aged 16 to 59 every year, but only 700,000 of the victims are thought to be male.

According to research by the ManKind Initiative, 15 per cent of men aged 16 to 59 have experienced some sort of domestic abuse in their life – equivalent to 2.4million men.

Though for every three victims of domestic abuse, only one of them will be male.

Most men do not believe or feel they are a victim until sometime after they no longer have control of their life and have become isolated. One survivor said they felt they were being ‘groomed’. Remember though you are not to blame, you are not weak and your are not alone. There is help available and you (and your children) can escape.

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO ABOUT ALEX SKEEL'S controlling and abusive relationship.

Check out the ManKind website for more information and help: https://www.mankind.org.uk/statistics/

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