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Momo- Hoax ?

By Team RESOLVEit  Feb 27th, 2019 

Momo- Hoax ?

You've probably seen various news articles and posts across social media platforms informing and warning you about the latest 'challenge' called Momo.  

Whilst it has recently been revealed by the UK Safer Internet Centre in correspondence to the Guardian newspaper that it was 'fake news' it does raise questions around safe internet use by young people and those vulnerable to suggestion.


So what can you do to protect against potential online threats? Police have suggested that parents could take this opportunity to educate their children about internet safety rather than solely focusing on the Momo meme specifically.

It is as an opportunity to create open dialogue with their children about what they are accessing online; broadcaster Andy Robertson suggests a 'better focus is good positive advice for children, setting up technology appropriately and taking an interest in their online interactions'.

We at RESOLVEit believe everyone has the right to feel safe. The internet is both a useful tool for education and entertainment across age groups .  

Here are some safety tips for a safer internet;

  1. Have open conversations with your child about what they see online, create the relationship where they feel comfortable to come to you about anything they see  or receive online which may be untoward. 
  2. Ensure social media profiles are set to private . Regularly check this especially after updates where they may revert to original settings.
  3. Is the game they are playing age appropriate? PEGI have age restrictions in place to protect players, there's less chance of playing with an adult if these age restrictions are adhered to but still be aware adults will play games that are aimed towards a younger age group.
  4. Only talk with those you know - strangers online may not be who they say they are. 
  5. Never give out personal details or passwords to accounts.

As mentioned earlier the internet is a great resource to educate and entertain . Following these tips will help keep the time spent online safe and fun.

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