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Mum saw Snapchat post from bullies saying her teenage daughter had killed herself

By George O'Dowd  Jul 20th, 2018 

Victoria Williams, a mum-of-three from Wrexham, received a phone call from a friend saying her child had seen the Snapchat post about her daughter Seren.

The Snapchat post said: “This gorgeous, independent, strong and loving girl took her own life due to years of depression and serious bullying.

“I have been her friend for so long and her family and I are absolutely heartbroken.

“Seren meant the most to all of us and all of us love you so much angel.

“This message has been passed on by me on her social media so everybody is aware of why she will not be replying or posting.

“Thank you for everything you have done for us and what joy you have brought.

“RIP my beauty.”

Seren attends Darland High School in Rossett has been having problems with bullies, which the school and police are investigating. 


“Cyber Bullying” is when someone is bullied, tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated,embarrassed or otherwise targeted by a person using the internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones.

The effects of bullying can be pretty serious and can have life changing effects to the victim. We have put together a little something below, to see if you can identify the effects of bullying. 

  • 1. Lose Confidence
  • 2. Become Sad
  • 3. Hard to make friends
  • 4. School work suffers
  • 5. Feel very lonely


  • 1. Don't reply to any nasty messages you receive. 
  • 2. Keep the messages that you have been sent so you can show someone. 
  • 3. Don't answer any calls from a withheld number, or from a number you don't know.
  • 4. If you change your number, only give out your new number to close friends.
  • 5. Don’t keep it to yourself or try to deal with it alone. 
  • 6. Tell an adult you trust, like a parent, grandparent or teacher. It helps to talk. 

At RESOLVEit we know how dangerous of a place social media can be for children. Cyber bullying (Online Bullying)  can have long lasting effects on your child and it's important to notice the signs sooner than later. Some children won't tell their parents/guardians and will will try to deal with it themselves. It's important to keep an eye on what your children are up to online and what social media sites they are on.

For the rest of the Snapchat story click the link below:


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