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RESOLVE it deliver to MPCT

By Eira Culverwell  Dec 8th, 2015 

RESOLVE it keep MPCT students safe

RESOLVE it delivered a two hour taster worksop on personal safety, awareness and self  defence at Bridgend MPCT.  Students aged 16+ took part in RESOLVE it's unique introductory workshop to raise students awareness and understanding of their own personal safety.

The MPCT is designed specifically for 16-19 years olds (depending on when you turn 19), the MPC offers specific training and qualifications in uniformed and public services. The college is full time and run across several locations in England and Wales.

The pioneering programme at MPCT fuses physical training, vocational instruction, academic work and personal development. MPCT operates a roll-on-roll-off programme with a regular intake of learners. 

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