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RESOLVE it to empower Cardiff females with self-defence workshop

By Eira Culverwell  Jan 2nd, 2016 

RESOLVE it, a community interest company that provides training and workshops in how to stay safe, has launched the first of its female empowerment workshops at YHA Cardiff.

Cardiff women will get advice on empowerment, personal safety and self-defence during the workshops that run over 6 weeks throughout February and March and will coincide with Sexual Abuse & Violence Awareness week from the 1st to 7th February. 

Sessions will cover key personal safety tips and self-defence tactics aimed to give an inner self confidence to those who take part. 

Eira Culverwell, managing director of RESOLVE it, will be leading the sessions with Dave Wing, RESOLVE it's Technical Director. 

Eira comes from an eclectic martial arts background, having started at a young age as a result of childhood bullying. She holds two black belts, is 4th Dan black belt in her respective style in Wales and runs two busy karate clubs in her spare time. 

Eira said: “We were approached by a number of women specifically for a female orientated workshop. Concerned by recent news of attacks in the city they asked for some workshops that would focus on awareness, as well as the actual practical elements to personal safety. 

“Having experienced an attack myself, I personally know that when you are in that situation dialogue becomes redundant. Being caught off guard because of situations beyond your control is extremely frightening, so we will be offering advice on fear versus anxiety in relation to the effects on heart rate and how to react quickly and effectively enough to get away to safety.”

The first sessions will see a range of women and girls ranging from 12 to 45 years of age taking part. 

Dave Wing, director of RESOLVE it,  has over 40 years’ experience in personal safety. Having studied martial arts since the age of seven, he holds three black belts in different styles and a fifth degree black belt in his respective style. Dave also has 21 years’ experience of night club security in and around South Wales

Dave said: “Eira is 54kg in comparison to myself at 100kg. Having a small female and a large male instructor demonstrates how effective the techniques we teach are when faced with potentially dangerous situations.

“Unlike most self defence systems that rely heavily on strength, speed and coordination, the techniques our female empowerment course employs leverage, technique, and timing so regardless of age or athletic ability the techniques we teach can work against larger opponents.”

Due to the popularity of the sessions, the first six week block is sold out. RESOLVE it is compiling a waiting list for the next group.

More information on the courses that RESOLVE it offer can be found at www.resolveitcic.co.uk 


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