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RESOLVEit get people back into employment through SIA Door courses

By Eira Culverwell  Apr 2nd, 2017 

Cardiff is Wales’ capital city and a centre of attention for fans of guitar music, rugby and a whole host of other pursuits. In this capacity as a hub for music and sports fans, shopping day trippers and clubbers, Cardiff is the natural home for an incredible spread of music and sporting venues, shops, pubs and bars as well as a plethora of other attractions for all of the people who pour into the city from all of the UK.

The sheer number of places in the city where a person can go to have a good time is an undeniable positive for the city in general and to the industries specified, however there is a downside to this situation. This is of course the inescapable fact that wherever huge groups of people congregate, there will be someone ready to take advantage of the endless and ever-growing supply of fresh pockets to pick, visitors to rob and personal belongings to take from those that pass through. This inevitable exploitation of Cardiff’s capacity for anonymity means a constant demand for security professionals who can work to protect the security of people in a public setting.

There are always opportunities for security professionals where people look to endanger the security and well-being of others. Finding training to work in the private security and protection industry can provide an excellent way to employment due to the sad fact that crime does not go out of fashion or suffer an industry-wide loss of numbers. Even in a recession, there will sadly be people causing difficulties for others, and a need for professionals who can prevent this to some extent.

At RESOLVEit we run the approved SIA training course available in the capital for people looking to gain employment within the industry. This course equip the candidate who attends them to provide a broad range of security services, giving a full overview of the basic principles and finer points of security provision. These courses cover such a broad syllabus that no-one can doubt that the accreditation given has been well and truly deserved and reflects that the individual who has gained it displays an understanding of all the tricky dilemmas surrounding their chosen field of employment.

For more information check out the link here and get in touch at enquiries@resolveitcic.co.uk about our next course dates!


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