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Superhero Art Studio

By Eira Culverwell  Nov 9th, 2017 

Come and learn how to draw

The Superhero Art Studio runs for 11/2 hours after lunch as part of the Superhero Academy Summer Club. Giving the children a cool down period after lunch before learning more self-defence and safety techniques.

Our in house Creative Designer will be teaching your children how to draw:

  • Shapes/ 3D Shapes
  • Human face (front and side)
  • Drawing the human figure (male and female)
  • Use of one point and three point perspective
  • Designing your own SUPERHERO
  • Use of colour and shading

Most of the techniques are not usually taught until the later years of high school or college. So this is a fantastic opportunity for your children to have a head start.  

After the huge success of the Superhero Academy Summer Club, we are running it again and the Superhero Art Studio will also be returning  half term in October. 

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