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The most resumption of normality is, in itself, a predictable and a necessary act of defiance

By Eira Culverwell  Jun 5th, 2017 

As the UK enters into another week, how many of us headed into work with slight apprehension of another attack, be it in the UK or in the cites or town we work in?

In the aftermath, we can know the targets for this recurring horror have assumed a definable pattern. They are 'soft targets'. And while there are comments flying around about sending in armed guards and security scanners, how can any bar/pub or any concert foyer  be made bomb- and attack-proof?...

Even through these evil acts, "theres no obvious or significant ambition to destroy the pillars of the government: "The men who use vehicles as weapons and strike at random with foot-long knives or self made bombs seem to be at war, not with the foundations of a free society, but on people enjoying the benefits of a free society. It is, in many ways, a war on joy."

The goal, therefore,appears to spread panic, fear, and instability and with the public arguing amongst ourselves, pointing fingers, making broad generalisations, we concede the victory to the terrorists.

At this time we must not lose compassion; don’t become arrogant in your opinions, and don’t make sweeping generalisations. When you do those things, you become willfully blind to the nuances of your surroundings.

Of course it’s important to learn the truth, but don’t lose sight of the fact that if you are IN a terror situation, all that matters at that moment is survival.

It’s time that we stopped getting distracted. While we argue with each other over Religion or which government funded an attack all the while our enemies are busy. They aren’t arguing about things like news coverage. They are enjoying watching us chase conspiracies and fight with each other. When we become increasingly divided, we become easier targets.

We cant predict an attack, only offer some advice from specialists (should the worst happen), but note that the "the most resumption of normality is, in itself, a predictable and a necessary act of defiance". The shops that open, the trains and buses that run, the commuters who commute: each one making a statement. These are the essentials that make society work.... We will go on.

This does not mean even at a time as painful as this, the biggest risk is that we let these minority groups rob us of what makes us who we are.


We aren't specialist in this area, but take some sort of heeded advice from National Security experts documents here:




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