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Three reports of incidents where children have been approached by strangers in cars.

By Team RESOLVEit  Mar 28th, 2019 

During the last week in Bridgend there have been 3  reports of incidents where children have been approached by strangers in cars.

Full article can be read here: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/bridgend-police-appeal-children-strangers-16029695

 (Image: Google Maps)

The article reports the incidents occurring both during the morning and evening and the strangers being both male and female.   In all three incidents the children have refused and left.   It's important children are aware these incidents can happen at any time of the day and be carried out by a male or female.

Local policing deputy inspector Jason Wilcox said 'I urge parents to make their children aware and advise them that if they are approached by strangers in vehicles that they should find a safe place and make someone they know aware such as a parent or teacher. '

Whilst an update on this story form an investigation by SWP describes the reports as misunderstandings it is still important to take heed of the above advice given by SWP and also that your children/ pupils know what to do in a situation such as this.

We at RESOLVEit believe everyone has the right to feel safe and have put together some safety tips to help keep children safe;

1. Stick to the main route , avoid alleyways or laneways, and avoid walking at the kerb edge either side.

2.  Let someone know where you are going, who you are with and inform them when you get there. Also let them know what time you'll be getting home and how you are getting home.

3.  It's important to learn a phone number for someone you could get hold of in an emergency - parent/guardian/ family member etc. Should you need help and don't have your phone or are unable to use it.

4.  If you need help whilst you're out and about , make your way to the closest safe place as fast as you can- a shop / cafe /restaurant/ supermarket is a good place to go especially if there isn't a police station nearby.  Go to someone working there for example cashier , security guard or shop keeper, tell them what the problem is they will be able to help you . Give them the phone number of your emergency contact for them to call them for you.

5. If you are approached by a car offering you a lift, asking you for directions , telling you to get in- DON'T STOP . It is a good idea to go in the opposite direction the car is facing - this gives you more time to get away and get to a safe place and get help.

Run away get to safety and get help . Always tell your parents or guardians.

RESOLVEit will be out delivering personal safety sessions next week to year 6 pupils in Bridgend as part of Crucial Crew PHSE event.

For more information and safety tips check out our social media platforms: INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK pages. Or head over to TUBORIAL our new online learning platform where we have our Children's Defender and Superhero Academy personal safety self defence courses online for a variety of ages.  

Stay safe


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