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Violence by men against women is still tolerated in Japan

By Team RESOLVEit  Apr 3rd, 2019 

Managing Director Eira has been travelling around Japan on her annual leave, only to find herself exchanging her knowledge of self defence during visits to various martial arts gyms, still very sparse with female students in attendance.

With work not to far from her thoughts, and often travelling alone at times her attention to self awareness and personal safety was at the forefront of her mind.

It is reported that violence by men against women is still tolerated in Japan,and this is particularly true of sexual violence,” says Hiromi Nakano, whose non-government organization Shiawase-namida (Happy Tears) provides support for victims of sexual violence.

“The whole of society has become so anesthetised to this that pornographic and other sexual items that many people overseas might find shocking are lined up even on the shelves of convenience stores, and so on, and nobody bats an eyelid.

Against this backdrop, getting men to understand the definition of domestic violence is one thing, but trying to end all violence against women in Japan will likely take decades"

We have no choice but to believe in people’s strength and will to change, and gradually move forward".

Organizations such as White Ribbon Campaign Japan hold a crucial key in speeding up that process.

“Support for victims of abuse is invaluable but so, too, is support for the perpetrators of such violence, but without prevention and education, that cycle of abuse will just roll on indefinitely.”

The number of consultations with the police from nationwide victims of domestic violence in 2017 was 72,455, setting a new record for Japan. A survey from the Cabinet Office reveals, however, that only 2.2% of those who are subjected to spousal violence actually contact and consult with the police.

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