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Developing Skills for a Healthy Active Lifestyle


This course is designed for participants of all ages whowishes to gain an understanding on how to develop skills for a healthy active lifestyle. No prior knowledge is required.

The course combines informal learning and interactive/engaging learning sessions with related activities tofurther engage participants. 

What you receive


This qualification provides the opportunity for learners to develop competence in key skills and produce evidence towards attaining key skills. 


The learner will:

  1. Know why personal fitness is important.
  2. Be able to recognise the role that exercise plays in a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Be able to identify the role of a balanced diet in promoting personal good health.
  4. Know the importance of personal hygiene and good grooming.
  5. Be able to identify the basic issues of sex education and contraception.
  6. Know how to take responsibility for own health and lifestyle through action planning for the future.