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Peter Walsh

Crucial Crew Event Consultant


Pete is our Crucial Crews Event Consultant having been involved in Crucial Crews and educational tours for over twelve years.

He has a BSC in Media Production from the University of Surrey and an extensive background in broadcast media. His career started out as a TV cameraman and sound engineer before becoming a children’s TV presenter then a radio DJ followed by a broadcast journalist before spending several more years as a sports broadcast journalist. During this period, he also became a freelance events consultant and found himself often working on educational projects. 

A decade ago, Pete set up his own events and educational company which he still runs to this day. 

Pete’s real passion lies in safety education and he has spent many years heavily involved with the Crucial Crew network delivering safety workshops to children throughout the UK for many different clients. 

When RESOLVE it took over the organisation of the Crucial Crew network it was a natural fit that he would join their team sharing their intense passions and goals for personal safety.



  •    Bsc Media Production